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Looking for construction companies in Cape Town, but aren’t sure who to trust with the building project? Are you wanting to expand your home, your business, make general improvements, or even invest in building a new mall or office block, but are limited on finances? Looking for a company skilled enough to listen to your demands and design to your tastes and preferences?

If the above described you, then this article will be one to help you make a decision.

Whether you are looking for civil engineering contractors, building contractors, or even landscaping contractors in Cape Town, all these services can be found in one place, namely GI Group. The GI Group team have realized the convenience of having one construction company being skilled enough to employ and organize all potential necessary construction contractors to help you get the job done in efficient time, and only with one pricing quotation.

So no more need for you to go look at different construction companies, organize numerous quotations, make many phone calls or push your other priorities aside to make time for different contractors from different firms. The GI Group team provides you with the most convenience at your disposal by having all your necessary contractors right there, and all their work being added up on to one quotation.

GI Group not only employs all necessary contractors, but they pride themselves on their high quality of work, and so make sure that their contractors are some of the best and highly skilled. Because of this, their clients have been assisted in a time-efficient and speedily manner, and have been left satisfied with the work the GI Group team has provided to them.

Even though the GI Group team ensure to provide their clients with a spectacular service, they do take into account their clients’ limited expenses and understand how costly construction and the hiring of contractors can be. They consider alternative expenses that their clients may need to finance, and so provide their clients with a superb service, which is also cost-effective. This is what makes GI Group so attractive to prospective clients- it’s the fact that amongst numerous construction companies in Cape Town, they are cost-effective in their work in order to ensure that their clients haven’t entirely drained their bank account after construction is completed.

Trusting a construction company is a risky decision. So why should you trust the GI Group team above other companies? This is due to the motivation of the GI Group team- to provide their clients with a high-standard, time-efficient, cost-effective and consistent service. So if they guarantee you a high standard of work and a high level of motivation, they will come through and keep their promise to ultimately meet clients’ expectations and their demands.

So if you are in need of a company that you are certain can provide you with stability, trust, reliability and an attitude to not over-charge, but mainly to provide you with a good service- then GI Group is the construction company you’re looking for.


GI Group

‘Experience counts, and when it comes to our knowledge and our skills, backed by years of experience, you can count on the GI Group Team to deliver your project on budget and on time’

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