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Our services

Civil Engineering

The GI Group Team are highly skilled and experienced when it comes to design, construction and maintenance by ensuring that any failures or problems are detected early to avoid loss to clients. Our team strives to work as efficiently as possible, and, in so, make use of state of the art equipment and reporting tools in order to bring our clients the best possible service. Our staff consists of highly trained, experienced, knowledgeable individuals, who stress efficiency, high ethics and hard work in order to provide the best services to clients, and achieve customer satisfaction. Not just that, but our team also provides night time system maintenance to stretch their focus on efficiency even more, as they work at night time in order to prevent any interruptions to business hours and productivity during the day. And as a result of this, the organisation would be able to work for longer periods of time, thus increasing productivity levels of businesses who become our clients. We emphasize the importance of management, design and construction, and so try accommodate our clients in ways that would not only help their business become more productive and efficient, but ones that can be constantly be kept in check- one that can constantly be maintained and supervised- and in so, be more budget efficient and have less risk for failure.

Building and Construction

The GI Group Team knows the expenses when it comes to building and construction, and in so is trained to help the client become more budget-efficient by helping them calculate all their possible expenses, from telecommunications to printing and other expenses. Our team helps our clients organize themselves, their budget and their time in order to analyse all the expenditures in an efficient manner. We don’t let small details slide past us, and so are constantly aware and alert of any changes, as well as any fluctuations that may occur within our client’s budget. By doing so, we help predict the client’s budget, we analyse it, and find ways for our clients to save their money through pointing out more efficient methods and techniques to go about our work, and to ensure that the work we do will provide us with the customer satisfaction that we strive for. We try and serve the needs of society by providing our clients with the best possible work performance, high standards and efficiency of the work we provide. We attempt to contribute to society and to the economy by focusing on ways that our clients can save money while acquiring good job performance and being satisfied with the work we do. We try stretch the importance of good work without the direct immediate goal being monetary gain- our main aim is to make sure we achieve customer satisfaction through the work we try and provide to them.


The GI Group Team provides a range of specialists that help provide our clients with all the services that they may be needing. Our specialists are professionals in their fields, which ranges from landscape architects and project managers to irrigation specialists to ensure that all our client’s interests are met in the most efficient and cost-effective means as possible. We look into the smallest details of our client’s specifications, including landscape design, hard landscape construction, earth shaping and irrigation systems that may be implemented to ensure that our clients are happy with the work we’ve done. We work with the clients according to their specifications in order for us not to miss any crucial details that could become costly. Because of this, we analyse the client’s budget, and provide them with all the services and materials that would fit his/her budget, and thus ensure that they will be satisfied with the service we provide to them.  Our team consists of highly trained and knowledgeable workers that will ensure the clients that their work will be handled with great care and concern, as well as in an efficient amount of time.


The GI Group Team emphasised efficiency in our work and our services provided to clients in order to increase their productivity levels. And in so, our team analyses ways to provide a service in a cost-efficient manner that is also not prone to human error. We provide our clients with automated irrigation techniques and means that would be cost-effective to the client’s budget. Client satisfaction is important to us, so we focus on ways of achieving this through ensuring them that they are putting their trust in capable hands. We provide our clients with the best automated irrigation systems to allow the clients a more worry-free experience in agriculture. Now the clients need not worry about their irrigation times, quantity of water used, or even needing to waste time watering, because the automated irrigation system does this for them. The clients can schedule their irrigation patterns according to their own specifications. This will then, in turn, help productivity levels, help the amount of crops surviving now that they’re getting sufficient nutrients, and has further allowed room for improvement in other sectors within the organization. We provide clients with this service to ultimately help society. By helping clients implement automated irrigation techniques allows more crops to be planted and grown, which then ultimately gets sold to society. We focus on the small aspects of our clients, which then contribute to the bigger picture- to their organisation and to society as a whole.

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